Our mission is to facilitate a neighborhood driven, multi-organizational front to work toward mental health and the well-being for African-American men and boys in the St. Roch community. 


Making Connections NOLA has found that the best way to bring about mental health awareness is through creating safe spaces to talk about it. Through their different programs, Making Connections NOLA invites members from the community to participate in bi-weekly H.OM.E. Sessions, Game Nights, Soap Box Collaborative, and more! 

The Story of Our Logo

It was important that the logo of Making Connections NOLA represented the community. What better way to be represented than to have the logo created by a native of the area which Making Connections serves.  Through a logo competition, it was the art work and design of Darneice Floyd which stood out among the rest. 

In February of 2018, Making Connections NOLA changed its official logo to the one you see here on the right. Darneice stated when speaking about the design that "Out of the darkness of his mind, he is able to see because the light spectrum is placed in the same space as where the eyes would normally be placed. The "Light" (Making Connections NOLA) also allows him to find and connect with his inner black boy joy, which is illustrated by him connecting the dots to form the word JOY outside of his mind into the universe." 

Darneice's art work is a part of what makes Making Connections so unique. Please if you are interested in learning more about her and seeing more of her work visit her website!